Club Party

Travel Photo Potluck 2022 

Halloween Party 2022 

1ST Annual Labor Day BBQ 

Summer Movie Night 

Summer Movie Night 

4th of July Party 2022 

4th of July Party 2021 

Father’s Day Celebration 2021 

4th of July Party 2019 

Family Movie Night 

Father’s Day Celebration 2019 

Chili Cook-Off 2018 

4th of July Party 2018 

Father’s Day Celebration 2018 

5th Annual PSCC Triathlon 

2017 Holiday Party 

Chili Cook-Off 2017 

Swim Season Wrap-up Party 2017 

4th of July Party 2017 

Father’s Day Celebration 2017 

Mothers Day Brunch 2017 

Sinko De Mayo Swim Party 2017 

Easter Party 2017 

4th Annual PSCC Triathlon 

2016 Holiday Party 

Swim Season Wrap-up Party 2016 

4th of July Party 2016 

Father’s Day Celebration 2016 

Mothers Day Breakfast 2016 

Sinko De Mayo Swim Party 2016 

Easter Party 2016 

3rd Annual PSCC Triathlon 

Swim Season Wrap-up Party 2015 

4th of July Party 2015 

Mothers Day Breakfast 2015 

Sinko De Mayo Swim Party 2015 

Easter Party 2015 

2nd Annual PSCC Triathlon 

Farewell Party 

Swim Season Wrap-up Party 2014 

4th of July Party 

Father’s Day Pot Luck Barbeque 2014 

Mothers Day Party 2014 

Sinko De Mayo Swim Party 2014 

Easter Party 2014