Navigating the Cabana Club Site

Understanding the Layout of the Site

Now that you are here you want to know how to find the information you need.

News vs Events

The difference between news and events is pretty easy!

News: Information about what took place or the outcome of an event

Event: A posting of information that is going to take place at our club or elsewhere

You might see a news article about an event after it has already taken place. For example, you will see an event for the Board Meeting for this month. Once it has taken place , a news article will show up about the Board Meeting.

You will see the sidebar on the right when you are looking at an event or news item on the site. Clicking on one of the links will take you to that specific item or list of items.

Choose the top menu bar “Club Events” item to see a list in chronological order of events.

You will notice in the browser link that these are the categories of the events that are upcoming.

NOTE: Events will not show on these lists once their start date has passed.

Choose the top menu bar “Club News” item to see a list of current news.

You will see links to news on the right sidebar. There are added links for past news by month and by Type (category).

This news article is categorized under “Help” found in News Type in the right sidebar.

Most news will always exist on the site for your future reference. We may remove old news that is not accurate any longer, but would probably replace it with news with the new corrected information.

You can now find past board minutes on the site under the top menu item “About”.

Board Minutes{.btn.btn-primary.btn-sm}

All our bylaws are now published online Here in the “About” section. There is a PDF document you can download also.

Don’t forget to check out the infamous Club Rules.